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Looking for ARTS, CRAFTS & SEWING supplies? Widely used in all kinds of jewelry, handicrafts, leather crafts, paper cutting and other arts and crafts. Great for DIY crafting hair accessories, such as wreaths, bows, and other crafts. Great for decorating your home like scrapbook pages, cards, dolls, and all kinds of clothing, sewing decorations, and so on! Ideal for DIY handmade crafts such as bracelet, necklaces, key chains, and other jewelry making projects like hair bow making, crystal arts and crafts. Ideal for stamping craft projects, art and crafts projects, scrapbook pages, cards, decorations, or any other wood crafts. Perfect for arts and crafts, scrapbooking, sewing, weddings, parties etc. Suitable for all kinds of crafts, such as hair bows, scrapbooks, gift wrapping, crafts, clothing accessories and many more ribbon products. These beautiful new fabrics are perfect for decorating your home, and you can also use them in other DIY crafts by the yard, make a wonderful gift to friends and family. Great for sewing decoration, crafts.

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