Dust Covers

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Suit for home storage, office dress changing, dry cleaners, washing service sites etc. Dust covers, waterproofing, anticorrosion and windproof. Dust covers for air-conditioning unit. Dust covers, can be folded into a small size to fit perfectly for easy carrying. Dust covers can help to extend the life of your machine. The cover can prevent the seat electric seat from being blown away by the wind, making the chair look more beautiful and comfortable. What’s more, the cover is waterproof and can prevent the air conditioner from entering. The piano cover is made of waterproof fabric, and it can protect your guitar against rain, snow, dust, and dirt. The detachable toast cover is made of abs and stainless steel, which can be washed in hot water, easy to store, and easy to clean. It protects your furniture from dust, cover stains, pet hair and other elements.

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