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The fabric is suit for home curtain, bedding, clothing etc. Suitable for any sewing and fabric, such as bags, shoes, wallets, toys, clothes, quilting patchwork, dolls, children’s bedding etc. It is made of natural jute and environmentally friendly cotton, it’s light, breathable, soft, and comfortable, and does not damage the fabric. Suitable for sewing on clothing, leather bags, handmade cards etc. This fabric is suitable for making any craft such as bags, wallets, children’s clothing, quilting patching or sewing on fabric. It is suitable for various sewing processes such as bags, wallets, children’s clothing fabrics, textile etc. It can be used for home decoration, kids clothing, quilting patchwork is very delicate and fluffy fabrics. Designed for all sewing machine and handmade fabrics. Suitable for children’s clothing, sewing, handicraft production and many other sewing industries, can be used to decorate your home or on the grass in the yard.

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