Pest Control

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Worry about pest control? Effectively repel those nasty mosquitoes that escape from your home or garden, such as spiders, moths, and other insects by using the strong phototaxis of high efficiency plant insecticides and fruit flies, flea eggs, bed bugs etc. Pest control Bluetooth in the room, safe for your baby and pets. This is a new way to repel unwanted animals such as mouse and rat, then sonic insects keep an animal away from your house. The scare rods perfect for keeping unwanted birds and pests out of your garden, it will not harm them as well. It can be used to repel unwanted birds such as mice, rats, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and so on. It emits ultrasonic wave, makes pests have nowhere to go into the garden. And this is a new type of mosquito repeller for rats. It emits ultraviolet rays, attracts mosquitoes that invade the mosquito repellent, and is powered by the high-voltage grid.

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