Plant Support & Care

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Looking for plant support & care? Great for clipping the branch of one plant to another and make then grow as one. Multifunctional, the garden stand is a support for climbing vines and can be used in conjunction with various supports. Plant support is easy to clip and release for reusing. Meanwhile, support is the key to keep warm, preventing freezeups from freezing and cracking. It can be used for the traction of clematis, lily, morning glory, cucumber, tomato, and other rattan plants to grow as long as you want. Plant support clip is made of high-quality pp material, ecofriendly and durable, not easy to break. The support is strong, stable, and reliable. You harvest the clean ripening fruit, the strawberry supports allow air to circulate, this promotes even ripening and minimizes rot. The support clip keeps the support on the vine to keep plants free of sunlight.

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