Shower Curtains

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How to choose a suitable shower curtain? It’s about material, size, thickness, etc. For example, the main materials used for shower curtains are plastic, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PEVA (polyvinyl-vinyl acetate). Among them, the earliest shower curtains on the market were made of plastic. Although the price is cheap, but its texture will become hard in winter, easy to tear when pushing and pulling; PVC material shower curtain transparency, durability, drape good. PEVA is PE (high-pressure polyethylene) and EVA (ethylene – vinyl acetate copolymer) polymer, is an environmentally friendly material, with no odor, feel smooth, etc. The higher the EVA content, the softer the shower curtain, the better the drape.
The thickness of the shower curtain is also important to choose. Thick fabric shower curtain breathability and water resistance are not very good. It is difficult to dry, long-term use is easy to cause some mold breeding, and relatively thin shower curtain, if the fabric drape is good, it is also a good product to use is also very comfortable. A good shower curtain depends on the design, process, workmanship, details, printing effect and so on. The thickness of the commonly produced 0.1-0.15mm. the easiest way to buy is to compare the weight of the shower curtain of the same size and material. The heavier material is thicker and the lighter material is thinner. In addition, I want to explain to you the misconception of many buyers that PVC is thick and PEVA is thin. This statement is wrong. Any material is thick and thin, the thickness is related to the material used in production and has nothing to do with the material.

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